Node Host provides cutting edge services for your business.

We are most passionate about building complex, scalable and distributed platforms for companies, while exceeding expectations on service and quality.

Connected To Requirements

Our consultancy team will work closely with your business teams to determine your requirements and project scope.

Being connected to your teams and requirements is a high priority for our team.

Powered By Modern Technologies

We will always choose the latest technologies when designing solutions.

There is a large selection of vendors we work with to ensure all requirements from power consumption to support and security are met.

From Idea To Launch

All our consultants have experience with start-up's and small companies.

We understand what it takes to get a production from conception to launch and can help you at every stage.

You won't be left wondering where you stand when things start to take off.

Full Life cycle

All our solutions are designed to be reproducible and maintainable.

Using Puppet3, Vagrant, Cucumber and rspec-puppet all changes can be performed locally then fully unit and integration tested, well before hitting your staging and production environments.

Secure with Performance

All solutions are designed to conform to the highest security standards while ensuring high performance.

At a minimum we aim to conform to the CIS benchmarks, but have experience with PCI and ISO 27001 compliance.

There in a crunch

As well as full solution design and management we offer ad-hoc 'devops' consulting.

Need a little extra help on a project, or have a major problem? We can help you out.